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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Denson 13 Special Features

1.Two Brushing Direction
- Changable from I-shape to T-shape
-99% of cleaning effectiveness

2.Easy To Use
-Easier to use & handle
-Brush head can be changed within seconds

3.Save money
-Just need to change the brush head
-Handle can be retained

4.Save Space
-Head can be removable -->save more space

5.Save Time
-More effective of brushing -->save time to clean

6.Save Energy

-Specially designed to clean human teeth structure -->Save Energy in cleaning

7.Environmental Friendly
-The handle can be reused --> reduce garbage produced

8.Effective Teeth Cleaning
-Specially designed according to human teeth and structure
-more effective to clean teeth at inner part

9.Enhanced Interest On Teeth Brushing
-Head ca be changed anytime
-Easier to clean,ease tiredness

10.Reduce and Minimize Gum Damage
-Easier to control the speed, direction & movement --> reduce gum damage

11.Effectively remove tobacco and coffee stains
-According to users experiments , it can effectively remove stains.

12.Highest Quality Bristles (Dupont Nylon 612)
-Approved by FDA of United States.

13.Reduce Teeth Damage
-The Dupoint Nylon 612 Bristles are round -->will not damage teeth

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